I’m just getting back from a much-needed, family vacation in Miami and it was pure bliss! We rented an oceanfront condo and got plenty of rest and relaxation, but I didn’t spend the whole time snoozing on the beach.

When I travel, I like to venture away from the tourist-heavy stuff to see the different neighborhoods and witness how the locals live. I’m just adventurous like that. So, we drove to Little Havana, Overtown, and we discovered Wynwood, a neighborhood filled with trendy restaurants, art galleries and colorful outdoor murals.

wynwood kitchen miami
wynwood kitchen miami
photo by tyson porter
photo by tyson porter

Once a major warehouse district, this area is now filled with blocks of incredible street art that covers the exterior walls of the old warehouses and what’s left of them. These incredible works were created by some of the world’s best graffiti artists. They’re pretty amazing. Miami is already a colorful city but Wynwood adds the exclamation point. Definitely something to see if you’re planning a trip to south Florida. And since I’m always on the hunt for unique color combinations, I’ve used snapshots of some of the street murals to create color palettes. Here are a few of them. My son Tyson — shown in the top photo at the beach — helped me with these pictures.

miami colors1


miami colors2

miami colors3
featuring Tyson

miami colors4

Street art does tend to be abstract, but it truly is a great source for color inspiration and design ideas. Many of these artists are extremely talented but under-appreciated. If you’d like to read more about street art and graffiti, I wrote a story a while back for Sherwin-Williams about it’s impact and featured an amazing artist by the name of Chor Boogie. His work can also be found in Wynwood.

Special thanks to Tyson Porter for his excellent photography and for being my muse!

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