warm whites

I am inspired by nature everyday. Especially when it comes to color, I believe God does it best when he paints on his outdoor canvas. When my clients are unsure of a certain color combination, I refer them to nature and sure enough, we can always point to the same mix of colors somewhere outdoors.

So, today I’m sharing a palette of warm whites and mid-tone hues that work very well in rooms where you want to have a feeling of coziness without using dark paint colors. My inspiration? The simplicity of a beautiful swan (photographed by Erik Harstrom).

Snap a picture of what inspires you and ‘pull out’ the colors (there are many apps that let you do this easily on your smart phone). Once you identify those colors, you can match them to specific paint colors. Some manufacturers also offer free apps that let you find matching paint colors from their collection. I selected the following hues from Benjamin Moore:

benjamin moore warm colors
l-r: Yellow Lotus; Wheatfield; Bradstreet Beige; Filtered Sunlight; Butter Pecan


How will nature inspire you today?

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