Branding creates a successful business and color helps to build a strong brand. dto_for_businessBut not just for your logo or product. The colors you use to design your actual ‘brick and mortar’ space contribute to your company’s image. If you’re a small business owner who has a restaurant, boutique, salon, store or any establishment that is open to the public, your color choices are very important. A great color scheme can attract customers, keep them coming back and set your business apart from the rest. Check out a few of our commercial projects below.



Thanks again for your help, Kelly!  You’ve been a huge help in this! I love looking at paint samples, but it was awesome to have you narrow it all down. Seeing the before and after pictures…even I can’t believe it’s the same space! — Jenn T., owner of Birchgrove Baking



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If you need help choosing a color design for your small business, contact me at Our eDesign service is affordable and we can help you wherever your business is located.