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We all know we’re supposed to drink a lot of water everyday. In fact, my doctor told me to aim for 64 ounces a day.  Unfortunately, I don’t have that much time everyday to be running to the bathroom, but I do shoot for maybe half that much. How about you? Yes, water is bland. Very, very bland. Don’t you wish it tasted like soda, iced tea, or maybe even red wine? Well, not that this is anywhere close to that, but there are many intriguing varieties of flavored, herbal water that you can get at the grocery stores.  They’re actually pretty good, although they can be pricey. I was like, ‘Why buy this when I can make it at home?’  So, that’s what I’ve been doing, and in doing so, I’ve realized this is a great idea for entertaining. Have you seen those large, glass water dispensers with fruit inside? Those are cool, but you can add even more color and pizazz to your party with individual water bottles that have pretty labels on them.

water bottle labels

For me it’s always about color…so you’ll be able to download the printable labels featured here for free! Even though this is a fun and colorful idea, I don’t recommend it for small children. Please read my important tips at the end of this post to see why (you’ll also see a link to the download page).

I’ve got 4 fantastic flavors to share, so let’s go!


lemon water

The flavors of lemon and mint go so well together because you get a blend of sour-citrusy and sweet. Not to mention the terrific contrasting colors of yellow and green. If you use this flavor, make the bottles just before your guests arrive so that the mint leaves will remain fresh and green throughout your event.

lemon mint water2

lemon mint3




fruit and herbs

This is another great marriage of sweet and not-so-sweet. If by chance your strawberries aren’t as sweet as you’d like, sprinkle them with just a little bit of sugar before you slice them up. In contrast, thyme is very hearty so use only one sprig. Just make sure it’s large enough so that it won’t easily come out of the water bottle once inside (see more about this in my important tips).

strawberry thyme water1

strawberry thyme water2



orange blueberry1

This combination not only tastes good, but it provides a refreshing mix of good-for-you vitamins. You can make this the night before your event so the water is even more flavorful the next day.

orange blueberry water1

orange blueberry water2



Raspberries and lemongrass make an unlikely duo, but this is probably my favorite. Lemongrass has a mild, citrus flavor and a wonderful aroma. It really complements the raspberries. It’s best to use one long piece of lemongrass (remove the outer layers first) or you can just use the juice from the lemongrass. *See my important tips below for more instructions.

raspberry lemongrass water2

raspberry lemongrass water3



1. Use clean fruit, berries and herbs. Before adding them to the water bottles, pour out about 1/4 cup of water first, so that the bottles don’t overflow.

2. VERY IMPORTANT: Slice your fruit large enough and use berries that are large enough so that you have to gently squeeze them into the bottles. In addition, use large pieces of herbs. This will ensure that everything stays inside of the bottle as your guests drink the water. You may also want to provide drinking straws. The berries should settle to the bottom of the bottle. However, these water bottles are not intended for small children because the contents could be a choking hazard.

*Lemongrass is a layered grass and it does have a tendency to unravel after being in water for a while, so it’s best to use just one long piece that you’ve un-layered yourself before adding it to the water bottle. Or you can mince several pieces of lemongrass in a blender and use a strainer to add only the juice to the water bottles.

2. The printable labels are ideal for Deer Park 16.9 fl. oz. water bottles. Print the labels out on good quality copy paper. Or use full-page mailing labels so that they will self-stick to the bottles. I suggest adding the labels last, so that you don’t drip water or juice on them.

3. Eco-Friendly idea: If you are using water bottles for a party or other special occasion, provide a recycling bin where guests can toss their empty water bottles so that you can have them recycled.

OK! Now that you know what to do, CLICK HERE to download the free, printable labels!


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