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These days you don’t have to look far to find gold.  Home and office accessories have all gone gold in what’s become a huge design trend. But some of these items can be very pricey. So, for my latest ‘DIY Flowers’ idea, I decided to create rich looking gold-striped vases using unbelievably inexpensive items.

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I started at Michael’s and bought a package of gold glitter tape for about $3.00. There are also plain and patterned styles, but be sure to get the kind that has adhesive on the back. From there I went over to Goodwill Thrift Store, one of my favorite places to source vases and kitchenware. I scored 3 small, cylinder-shaped drinking glasses for 50 cents each.

Now it gets really easy (because I think DIY projects should be easy). For each glass, I cut 4 strips of the glitter tape to size, making sure that each piece could wrap around the entire glass. If your glass is not a perfect cylinder (mine wasn’t), do not cut the strips of tape all the same size because they will not all fit properly around the glass. So, before you cut the tape or remove the protective backing, determine how long each piece needs to be by wrapping it around the glass in the exact spot you want it.

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Use just enough tape to wrap around one time and then cut it. You can also use a measuring tape instead to get an exact measurement. Just make sure all 4 pieces of tape will be equally spaced apart on the glass. Cut all of your pieces first and, if necessary, group them together by size (label each group so you don’t get confused). Now you’re ready to adhere the pieces of tape to each glass. Do this slowly so you don’t get wrinkles.

taped glasses


kporter flowers2


kp_gerber daisy


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I think these vases turned out great. Their chic and simple design lets you add in other accessories, or you can just make several of these to stretch across a long table. Enjoy!



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