amber glass7_kporterAs you may already know I love shopping at thrift stores. Scouring the shelves to find just the right item brings me immense joy. That’s actually very funny to me because when I was younger I totally hated it when my mother dragged me into the Georgia Avenue Thrift Store in Washington, DC. Literally, I went kicking and screaming. And now look at me. I can’t wait to get there. Like, I run through the door. Then I’ll hit up the Goodwill stores on the way home. Crazy.

Among my favorite things to search for is milk glass and beverage glasses. I love vintage beverage glasses because they add so much character to a table setting and they also make great flower vases. Here’s a peek at some of my fab finds:

vintage glass_kporter

Add flowers and a little background wall color. Put Wall Pops or scrapbooking paper on the wall behind a fireplace mantle and you’ve got everything you’ll need to add a funky vintage vibe to your next party.


vintage amber glasses


amber vintage1_kporter


frosted tumblers


coined tumblers_porter

Also, since the holiday season will be here soon, here’s inspiration for a table setting that I styled using the coined tumblers:

christmas table_kporter

bar cart_porter

Thrifting for vintage glassware can be very rewarding when you find items that are classically chic (thanks in part to the Mad Men series). However, it can also be hit or miss. Find a favorite store and visit often — in the middle of the week if possible. You can also find great items at estate sales and flea markets. Many towns also have ‘old town’ districts that are filled with antique stores. So, put on your walking shoes and enjoy the pursuit!

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