Yellow and blue are among two of my favorite colors to combine. In general, complementary colors make very attractive spaces because of the contrast you get from using warm and cool colors together. The trick lies in using the right amount of each color. So, unless you’re going for a look that is super dramatic, it’s best to use more of one color and less of the other, like a 80-20 ratio or something close to that. In this post, you’ll see rooms with lemon yellow as the 20 percent.


Yellow represents the warmth of the sun and that makes it a great accent color to pair with blue, which is a very cool color. But there are a few different types of yellows: citrusy-green (acid yellow), golden (orange yellow) and pure (lemon yellow).

Lemons get a bad rap. You know…when life gives you lemons…blah, blah, blah. That’s so funny to me because lemons actually have healing properties and pure yellow is one of the happiest colors on earth. This cheery hue is also the most saturated out of the other tones.

aqua blue and yellow room

And I guess you could say the lemon yellow is the most playful, which is one reason children are drawn to it. However, this bold yellow can look very grown-up as an accent. Go as bright and bold as you’d like because you’re only using a small amount so it won’t overwhelm the room.

yellow stool

Overall, yellow is a naturally uplifting color. So when life gives you lemons that could actually be a good thing.

lemon yellows

Above: Paint Picks – Sunburst by; Lemon Meringue by; Lemon Twist by; Fun Yellow by

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