Flower Ideas for Spring and Summer

| by | DIY Flowers

This ‘flower gallery’ contains some of the arrangements I’ve designed over the years for spring and summer parties, and photo shoots. This is such a popular time of year for special occasions and celebrations: Mother’s Day, weddings, baby and bridal showers, graduations, etc. People really do appreciate seeing flowers (especially a terrific centerpiece) that are […] Read more…

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Travel In Color: pretty pouches and luggage

| by | Accessories

If you have an upcoming trip or vacation planned you’re probably focusing on what to pack. But don’t overlook what you’re packing your stuff in. There are many colorful options for luggage and travel accessories, so there’s no excuse for traveling with a suitcase or carry-on that looks just like everyone else’s. Fun patterns are […] Read more…

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How to choose the perfect blue

| by | Choosing Colors, Decorating 101

Blue is an insanely popular color and I believe that’s what makes choosing the ‘perfect’ blue so hard. As a color consultant, I’ve helped many clients choose all kinds of blues over the years and I’ve come to a conclusion:  We see so much blue around us everyday — the sky, the ocean, our denim […] Read more…


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