Earrings Are Everything

| by | Jewelry

I love earrings. No, seriously. I have a mild obsession with them. When I was younger, my mother refused to let me get my ears pierced. She said, “If God wanted us to have holes in our ears, we would have been born with them already.” Gotta love mom. She still wears clip-ons. She finds […] Read more…


The Colors of Miami

| by | Color Palettes, Travel

I’m just getting back from a much-needed, family vacation in Miami and it was pure bliss! We rented an oceanfront condo and got plenty of rest and relaxation, but I didn’t spend the whole time snoozing on the beach. When I travel, I like to venture away from the tourist-heavy stuff to see the different […] Read more…

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Getting Gray Right

| by | Choosing Colors, Decorating 101

Gray continues to be at the top of the list when it comes to popular neutrals. In fact, when I do color consultations, gray paint colors are the most frequently requested hues among my clients. I think it’s safe to say that gray is here to stay–at least for the foreseeable future. So, if you’ve […] Read more…

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