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I wanted to share one more colorful idea from my vacation. This is a snapshot of the seating area at Dylan’s Candy Bar in Miami Beach. Isn’t this fun? I think so too! And it’s also a sweet DIY project. This is a very stylish way to add some deliciousness to your outdoor patio or deck for the summer months. It’s also a great idea for a dessert table, a child’s party, or for anyone who has a sweet tooth….and I have a big one. You do too? Then, let’s do this!

First, get yourself a white table. We’ll keep this project budget-friendly so a simple, folding utility table will do. Like these:

white tables

Now, if you have mad painting skills you can paint freehand all of the different types of candy your heart desires. Just seal your masterpiece with a couple coats of polyurethane. For the rest of us, I have three words:  vinyl. wall. decals.

from shindigz.com
from shindigz.com


decals on table

Wall decals also give you flexibility because you can switch them out or remove them completely when your celebration is over. That’s a definite plus. Next, colorful chairs are in order. I found this awesome collection of metal folding chairs by 9 by Novogratz. They come in 6 different colors and are sold in sets of 2.

colorful metal chairs

The square table, rectangular table and chairs shown in the post are all available at walmart.com.

via walmart.com

There you go! You’re all set. Wasn’t that easy? I love this idea almost as much as I love candy. This could be the beginning of a very yummy summer.

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