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Sometimes I wish I were a teenager again. Well, only some days…and only if I could take my adult mind with me. Since that will never happen, the next best thing is when I get to hang out with a super-cool teen who loves color. In this case, I had the pleasure of working with Serena. She recently turned 13 and her parents gave her a bedroom make-over for her birthday present. How cool is that?

Serena’s parents were letting her claim an older brother’s bedroom (he’s away at college) because it was bigger. And let me tell you…she came to the table with clear ideas!



A daybed was at the top of Serena’s list. She also wanted a place to draw and do homework, and she wanted to paint the room blue but it had to include a focal wall with horizontal stripes. So, my first task was helping Serena choose the perfect color scheme, which ended up being 4 different tones of blue:

l-r: Swimming, Spa, Mariner, Aquarium — all from Sherwin-Williams

I chose turquoise blues because I didn’t want the room to feel cold. We used the lightest color, Swimming, for three of the walls and the remaining blues were used for alternating stripes on the focal wall.

Serena also wanted white furniture. I started by searching for a daybed and found just the right one from homeclick.com. We liked the fact that it had two big storage drawers. Serena selected the pretty purple bedding herself from jcpenney.com. We also bought a budget-friendly desk and shelves from Ikea.

serena furniture


From there, it all came together blue-ti-fully — from the renderings…

Serena's Bedroom02

Serena's Bedroom03
(This rendering features watercolor prints from SlaviART)

…to the real thing:

blue teen bedroom1

blue teen bedroom2

blue teen bedroom3

blue teen bedroom5

blue teen bedroom6Serena loves her new space and her mother told me that Serena now has the nicest room in the whole house. Pretty. Cool.

What color was your room when you were a teenager?

design, renderings and photography by Kelly Porter

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