I love entertaining so I’m always happy when I can reuse or reinvent decorations. You may feel the same way, especially for those times when you have two, totally different back-to-back events to decorate for — a bridal shower and a child’s birthday party, or a holiday party and a baby shower. If that sounds familiar (or impossible), here’s an easy way to restyle a floral centerpiece.


It all begins with the type of container (vase, jar, etc.) you choose because the container will always make a statement and create a distinctive mood, sometimes more than the flowers themselves. You can also save time and money by using containers that you already own.

KPorter_green flowers

For this example, I used green hydrangeas and spider mums. {Color Note:  please do consider using green flowers. Green is nature’s neutral and it will always look great with all of the other colors in your decor.}  Shown above, the first arrangement is very grown-up and classic. I used a simple, pedestal milk vase on a tray. This makes a great centerpiece for any table, or you can put it on a window sill. Add white votives for a romantic touch.

The second arrangement is much more festive, fun and perfect for a child’s birthday party.


For this example, I used a playful, multi-colored gift box as my ‘vase’ (the flowers are in a drinking glass that I tucked inside of the box).


Then, I put the centerpiece on the same green tray and added a bag of gumballs.


Of course, depending on the type of flowers you use you’ll want to make sure your events are close together so the flowers will look fresh for both occasions.  In this case, hydrangeas can last up to one week and mums can look great for up to two weeks, and sometimes a little longer.

flowers_design by kporter

The important thing is to plan ahead so you don’t waste time or become frustrated trying to figure out how both centerpieces will look. Enjoy!

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