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As a child I loved making paper chains and other crafts at school, but the paper we used? Not so much. It was that brightly-colored construction paper and we only had like four colors. Did you use it too? I hated that paper! That’s one reason I get totally giddy when I see all of the options for paper that are now available in the craft stores. So many pretty colors and patterns! Bye bye boring crafts. So, getting back to paper chains. I still love making them but these days I like to give them a more chic, grown-up look, which works great for special occasions geared towards teens or adults. And it’s so easy and inexpensive. All you need is some scrapbooking paper of your choice, a paper chain kit (optional), a glue stick, scissors and a stapler.

paper chain kit

For the first two designs I used a paper chain kit which saves money and time, and it just makes the whole project easier because there is less paper to cut. I’m all about DIY projects being EZ!


For the first project I used the light pink paper from the kit and added my own custom ‘links’ that I made using 2 sheets of 12 x 12 scrapbooking paper:


I used patterned metallic-gold and pink stripes. Then using a glue stick (Scotch Craft Stick), I glued both sheets together — back to back. After letting the glue dry for a few minutes, I cut out my links. Each piece should be 1.5″ wide by 12″ long. Use a ruler to draw lines right on the paper before you start cutting. You’ll get 8 strips if you use the 12 x 12 inch paper.

gp_paper chain strips

Then I connected the links, alternating the solid pink ones from the paper kit with the custom ones I made. The kit comes with tape you can use to secure each link, but it’s much easier to use a good old-fashioned stapler. That’s how I made them as a child and it still works great today. I actually think the staples add a little bit of old-school charm!

pink paper chain_porter3

pink paper chain_porter4

pink paper chain_porter2

pink gold _paper chain_porter5


The second design is all about dazzle. I used orange paper links from the paper chain kit and created my own links using this awesome teal-colored glitter paper along with a Moroccan-patterned print. Then I followed the same steps as shown above…

teal paper chain


teal and orange1

teal and orange2

The glitter paper and contrasting colors create a dramatic look that has a global feel. How fun! This design is perfect for a casual or elegant setting.

teal and orange3

teal and orage4

To get an idea for how much paper you’ll need:  for both projects, I made chains that were each about 54 inches long. I used 17 links total for each chain.

I hope you haven’t had enough because I got carried away and I have one more design that I want to show you…but I’m still working on it. So, look for it in an upcoming post!

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1 Comment on 2 Ideas For Making Pretty Paper Chains

  1. amanda
    August 26, 2015 at 6:04 am (2 years ago)

    I love your work a lot of creativity and innovation.


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